GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Claira Warner has an open heart and mind but is also an open book.

“I had Leukemia in eighth grade,” said Warner, a senior at Northvew High School.

Warner’s teachers and classmates were the best therapy.

“There were teachers that came personally to my house or to the hospital to teach me,” said Werner. “The entire choir in band from our eighth-grade class showed up outside my house, and they sang me happy birthday and just showed their support for me.”

That support helped heal Warner and set her up to serve. 

As a senior, she balances a demanding course load while being president of the National Honor Society, editor of the yearbook and a member of other organizations.

“The reason I’m in so many of these organizations is because of the love I’ve been shown, and I just want to help other people,” said Warner.

It is the reason WOOD TV8 selected her as its student of the week. It is also a daily reminder she wears around her neck. 

The pendant on her necklace symbolizes the Billy Bear Hug Foundation.

“This is a great organization that gives teddy bears to children in the hospital,” said Warner.

Warner received one of her own through the same organization.

“It’s just been something that’s been meaningful work for me, “said Warner.

The full circle moment keeps warner grounded. It will also keep her head high when life tries to bring her down.