GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — There is a young man at Burton Elementary School whose reputation proceeds him.

Isiah Rosario’s smile and curiosity are only part of the reason his teachers recommended him to be News 8’s student of the week.

Rosario is nine years old, but those who know him say he is wise beyond his years. He loves to read, study math and hopes to one day be a lawyer.

The third grader is very popular at the school, not because he is an exceptional student but for the way he treats the people around him.

“For the boy teachers, I give them fist bumps and they have a really good day and for the woman teachers to have a good day, I give them a hug,” said Rosario. “I always make people very happy, have a good day, have a good time and have fun.”

Teachers, who don’t even have Rosario as a student, also speak highly of him. They said they love his hugs in the morning and appreciate his genuine desire to be a light.