GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — This week’s featured adoptable pets from the Kent County Animal Shelter are a playful dog and a long-term shelter cat.

Wharfman is a 3-year-old labradoodle who is ready for his forever home. This playful dog loves tennis balls and would love to find someone who enjoys going for walks as much as he does.

The shelter said he was “pretty shaggy” when he arrived and needed a good grooming. He has since received a haircut.

Giselle is waiting for her forever home at the Kent County Animal Shelter. (Courtesy)

Giselle is a 4-year-old Tabby who has been at the shelter for a while. Staff says she’s gone unnoticed because she hides in one of her various safe spots in the shelter. To get her to open up, you need to get on her level and offer her some jerky bites or a treat tube.

“A shelter is a loud and stressful place for cats like Gisele, and we don’t want her to give up any hope,” the shelter said.

The shelter said is looking for a home that is quieter where her new owners can meet her where she is at.

For more information on adopting any pet from KCAS, visit the organization’s website or call 616.632.7300.