GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — This week’s featured adoptable pets from the Kent County Animal Shelter are a happy dog and eight fluffy guinea pigs.

Vera is a 3-year-old American Staffordshire terrier. She gets along well with people once she knows them, though she’s probably too energetic for small children. She likes to play fetch and play in the water.

She also loves to play with other dogs and may be overly enthusiastic for some.

“She runs around and gives play bows and really tries to get all the other dogs to join in her playtime,” the shelter said. “The shelter has found that she doesn’t tire easily so she may wear some dogs out with her persistence and endurance.”

The shelter said she would do best in an active home with older children and another energetic dog.

Swirlum, Boomer, Fidget, Goldlet, Waddles, Wiggles, Dice and Quizzer are eight guinea pigs — five females and there males. They love to snack on veggies and play with toys.

The shelter says guinea pigs are social animals and do best in pairs.

“Guinea pigs make great pets for those who are unable to have a cat or a dog. Stop by KCAS today to meet this fun group!” the shelter said.

For more information on adopting any pet from Kent County Animal Shelter, visit the organization’s website or call 616.632.7300.