GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)-Last March, in what seemed like a split-second, COVID-19 changed the medical industry, care industry, and hospice services. As an essential aspect of healthcare, Hospice of Michigan continued to provide in-person admissions, emergency visits, and death visits, but many patients and caregivers were seeking a connection via telehealth. This mode of care could continue a connection to caregivers and nurses while reducing the risk of exposure. Out of this necessity, new opportunities were presented to deliver specialized care and guidance. Thus wE-Connect was born.

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wE-Connect is the future of hospice care, and does not replace bedside care, but enhances it. An innovative program that provides patients and caregivers care that helps to reduce anxiety and foster a connection through a 24/7 immediate access to expert end-of-life care.

The visual visits bring the entire team to the bedside, providing important physical, spiritual, and emotional support while practicing social distancing protocols. The app will also allow for visual visit capability offering patients-particularly those living in facilities-the ability to bridge the distance separating them from their loved ones, providing a therapeutic connection to overcome social isolation.

wE-Connect is an innovative program harnessing technology that anticipates patients and caregivers changing needs, and enhances bedside care to build confidence, reduce anxiety and foster connection through immediate, 24/7 access to expert end-of-life care. For more on wE-Connect, visit the Hospice of Michigan website.

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