St. Julian Winery partners with “be nice.”

Be Nice

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – St. Julian Winery is partnering with The Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan (MHF) to promote the “be nice.” program.

“Depression, bullying, suicide — these are all behavioral issues that we need  to address at the school level, and in the community, and now in the employment units it’s equally as important,” said John Braganini of St. Julian Winery.

Braganini lost his brother, David Braganini, to suicide after a battle with depression in 2016. The business is now working with The MHF to promote “be nice.” and is challenging the West Michigan community to start a conversation about mental health.

The MHF uses the “be nice.” action plan to educate West Michigan schools and businesses about mental health and suicide prevention. “Nice” is an acronym that everyone can use as a tool to change and save lives: notice, invite, challenge and empower.

“The family here at St. Julian was very close to Dave, and our involvement with ‘be nice.’ was a way for us to honor my brother, and still be able to have an impact on the community in the hopes of preventing someone else from taking their life,” Braganini said. “‘Be nice.’ is a tool that can be used in the classroom, in the school, or in the community to address certain behaviors that end up creating problems for the kids and the adults.”

“The Braganini family cares. They care about you, they care about the community, and they want to make a difference.”

St. Julian is one of four West Michigan businesses partnering with “be nice.” along with Elhart Automotive, Forest View Hospital and West Michigan Community Bank.

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