Elhart Automotive promoting “be nice.”

Be Nice

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – Elhart Automotive is one of four West Michigan businesses partnering with the “be nice.” program run by The Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan (MHF).

“‘Be nice.’ is the stop, drop and roll of mental illness,” said Jeff Elhart, of Elhart Automotive Campus. “We need a tool to train and educate our community at large to understand the warning signs of mental illnesses.”

The MHF uses the “be nice.” action plan to educate West Michigan schools and businesses about mental health and suicide prevention. “Nice” is an acronym that everyone can use as a tool to change and save lives: notice, invite, challenge and empower.

“Our family has dealt with depression for many decades, including my mother, who is age 86 and is dealing with clinical depressions, and my brother, Wayne, who succumbed to depression through suicide on March 27, 2015,” said Elhart.

The Elhart family, and their company, have been promoting be nice and The MHF since their loss of Wayne, and are empowering those struggling with mental illnesses to get help.

“As Wayne said in the letter that he wrote, before he died, ‘Please help others overcome this illness of depression.’ So that’s why we’re so excited to work with the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan,” Elhart said.

“Elhart Cares be nice” is their company campaign that promotes the action plan of “be nice.”

Elhart is one of four West Michigan businesses partnering with “be nice.” along with St. Julian Winery, Forest View Hospital and West Michigan Community Bank.

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