GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- By now, pretty much everyone has heard of elf on the shelf, but in case you’re not totally sure of what it is still, here’s a brief summary of the game:

Elf on the shelf is a clever and fun way to help your kids behave this season. Purchase a little stuffed elf and tell your kids that the elf is there on behalf of Santa to determine whether they have been naughty or nice. There are two catches. One is that the elf only moves when the kids are asleep, and the second is that kids are not allowed to touch the elf, or he looses all of his magic! Then put the elf in clever spots each night to amaze your kids when they wake up each morning.

So where are the best spots to hide these elves? We’ve searched Instagram for the most clever spots to position your elf. Here’s what we’ve found: