This year’s Connecting with Community Awards winner is Rethinking Dementia: Accelerating Change. This partnership is working on improving the lives of people affected by dementia.

As baby boomers begin to reach an old age, issues like Alzheimer’s and dementia are on the rise. Older members of our community and their families worry about these possibilities, and many wonder where to look for resources and help.

Rethinking Dementia is a collaboration of over 17 local organizations between social service organizations, health care providers, long term care communities, legal and financial service providers, universities, and others who all came together to create a resource hub for those suffering with dementia and their families supporting them.

The biggest problem for families struggling with dementia is not knowing where to start. This program helps bring together resources for frequently asked questions and comfort to those who have felt isolation in their caretaking situations.

For more information on Rethinking Dementia and how you can use the resources like their new app.

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