OLIVE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — For over 300 days, Louise has been waiting for her forever family to walk through the doors of Harbor Humane Society.

She arrived at the shelter in October 2022 as a transfer from a shelter in Tennessee. Since then, she has spent her days in the office as the shelter’s “office dog” when not in a foster family’s home.

“She loves to just kind of lounge. She’s our office dog, so she spends a lot of time in the office with us and visiting with volunteers,” Jen Nuernberg, marketing director at Harbor Humane Society, said.

Despite the attention, the almost 8-year-old Louise is often overlooked for adoption.

“She’s just so sweet and so loving and it’s unfortunate that she’s been with us as long as she has. But she is ready to find her forever home,” Nuernberg said.

Louise spends her days as the office dog at Harbor Humane Society while she waits for her forever home.

“She has been in foster on and off, so she’s gotten the chance to kind of be in a home, and we’ve learned more about her that way,” Nuernberg said.

While at the shelter, staff and volunteers have learned that Louise is house trained, does well on a leash and loves going for walks.

“She doesn’t really love dogs or cats so much, so an only pet home would be best for her. She does, however, do wonderfully with children,” Nuernberg said.

Nuernberg said she would do well in a family home with kids to play with or in a single-person home.

“I think she would love to be just a couch dog and sit and maybe watch some Netflix with you. Go on a couple of walks with you,” she said.

Louise loves to go for walks with staff and volunteers at Harbor Humane Society while she waits for her forever home.

When dogs are in the shelter for extended periods, they can start to not cope well, develop behavioral issues and become depressed or shut down. Right now, Louise seems to be doing OK.

“Being the office dog is probably the best spot for her to be. She’s a lucky one. (But) she does have her sad days. I think she really craves just a home and consistency to call her own where she can thrive. Any dog deserves that, but we’re giving her the best that we can while she’s here with us,” Nuernberg said.

Anyone interested in adopting Louise is asked to fill out an adoption survey, either online or in person. Once your application is approved, you can meet with Louise or any animal available for adoption.

“If you come in and meet the pet of your dreams and within an hour, you could be out the door with your companion,” Nuernberg said.

For more information, visit Harbor Humane Society’s website.