Millions of Ukrainians have fled their homes since the Russia invasion began, taking all the personal items they can carry from the war-torn country.

Roughly 6.5 million people embarked on the daunting journey to seek refuge from the war, with many leaving their beloved pets behind.

Despite the ongoing war and grim images of destruction from Ukraine, Greater Good Charities answered the desperate pleas for help from Ukrainians.

“Hundreds of pets have been found dead in Ukraine since the crisis began,” the organization said. “Many of them were found trapped in a shelter and died of hunger and thirst. This is the heartbreaking reality for many displaced pets in Ukraine and neighboring countries.”

The non-profit organization mobilized with boots on the ground to provide cash assistance and help to humanitarian and animal welfare partners in the warzone.

Dogs and cats are not the only animals that have benefited from Greater Good’s efforts.

During a rescue mission with Warriors of Wildlife to relocate a circus bear named Masha the Eurasian, volunteers learned of a lion, Mir, trapped in a western area of Ukraine. Of course, they could not leave him behind.

Mir was rescued and entered into a temporary zoo, where he will remain until his forever home at Simbonga Game Reserve & Sanctuary is ready.

Greater Good Charities awarded an emergency cash grant to many organizations, including the Centaurus Foundation, which cares for older animals. The great hep to provide fuel for convoys, building materials for additional and enhanced enclosures, and veterinary supplies to help the refugee animals in their care.

“We’re grateful for the incredible support that we’ve received from our donors particularly for helping us raise funds to provide 1.5 million meals for the innocent animals who are suffering because of this crisis,” the organization said of their goal.

Since the war began, Greater Good Charities has awarded emergency relief to dozens of organizations in five countries to help support the people and pets struggling in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

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