We are failing. What is your call to action; what can you do?

What a week. Here we are at the end of another one — in the middle of a pandemic — talking about the same things — even when the world is thrown from its axis — racism still rotates around us.

On the same day, a white woman in Central Park tried to weaponize the police against a black man — Asking her to put her dog on the leash — which is the rule — police officers in Minneapolis put their knee into the neck of America and they killed it.


This time his name was George Floyd.

It doesn’t matter what you think he did or what he didn’t do — what matters is that he was alive while black in America one moment and dead — Because he’s black — in America — in an instant.


The badge to protect — used to take — Outraged falls short. Heartbroken lacks the conviction. I hurt for the men and women — friends — who proudly wear that badge — who do so to serve and *to protect. Their shield has been bruised by the actions of a brazen few.

But I hurt more for what we’ve lost — what’s been taken. Forcefully. Brutally. It would seem — unimaginably — but we’ve seen it. And each time it’s harder. Because each time it becomes more obvious.

How ignorant am I that it took the lives of these black men and women for me to see my own privilege — how ignorant are we if we don’t see it? And even worse — if we do nothing? If we can jog or walk or speed and not have the fear of history taunting our shoulder?

I read a post from someone that said — Don’t say I don’t see color — embrace it. How has it impacted you? How has it harmed you? How can we do better? Because if we don’t do better — we fail.

Just like we failed Eric Garner.

Michael Brown.

Rekia Boyd.

Freddie Gray.

Laquan McDonald.

Philando Castile.

Breanna Taylor.

We have failed George Floyd. He deserved better. Being black — in America — deserves better.