There is hope to hold from the dust of ashes.

In lines that lead us through the cracks of windows and the char of fire.

We ache for our past — condemn the destruction — but in it — there is hope for tomorrow.

How spent are we? Physically, emotionally…our community is drained.

COVID — Killings — Stay home — curfews — riots — and cleanups.

What’s left?

Change. That can be the only answer. In whatever form we need it — change moves us forward.

A day after the riots changed downtown — a community….changed the narrative.

They took destruction and built love over it.

Boards went up as graffiti came down.

Hundreds helped how they could — If it wasn’t with a hammer or a broom it was a snack or a meal.

It was forward.

And that is a direction we must maintain — because fires and tear gas — riot gear and violence — it’s not working — for anyone — it’s the same — from the 60s to now.

Consider this — Everyone has experienced something that has changed them in a way they could never go back to the person they once were.

We share different experiences — but we all crave change.

And we know the remedy.

We’ve done it — we continue to do it.

With brooms and buckets.

Meals and water.

With our commitment to our neighbor.

Saturday night was hard to watch — with our city on fire, under attack.

It made us uncomfortable — and angry.

The same feelings that come from videos of lives lost to police brutality.

Maybe it takes being uncomfortable and angry to put our collective fires out…

Because it’s in the ashes of our past that we’ll find the change to grow tomorrow.