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Thinaer Unveils Vision for a Classified Solution Targeting Aerospace and U.S. Department of Defense Manufacturers

RICHARDSON, Texas, Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Thinaer, an Internet of Everything, Everywhere platform and solution provider for aerospace and U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) manufacturers have set their sights on an ambitious new horizon: the development of an innovative Classified IoT Solution, envisioned to integrate with Microsoft's Classified Cloud. This forward-looking solution will aim to empower manufacturers to ensure secure asset tracking in ambient IoT conditions.

Thinaer has already deployed its "Classified E" solution ("Classified External") which tags assets with passive sticker beacons and uses a strategically designed and patent pending, intelligent barrier infrastructure at classified area entrances to prepare stickers for classified entry and to guard against any transmitting signal entering a classified area. Upon exiting, assets consume ambient energy from wifi signals and mobile devices to resume normal operation, allowing secure tracking while maintaining data security.

What's next? Thinaer has been working for two years on a "Classified I" solution ("Classified Internal"). "Classified I" is a stand-alone air gap IoT network which enables all Thinaer powered IoT use cases to be safely deployed within classified areas. "Classified I" will be a true game changer for the Aerospace industry.

Bryan Merckling, CEO of Thinaer, said, "We are proud to introduce our cutting-edge classified solution to the aerospace and DoD manufacturing sector. By integrating with Microsoft's Classified Cloud, we are enabling businesses to optimize their operations while maintaining the highest level of security and compliance. Our solution exemplifies Thinaer's commitment to delivering technologies and solutions that empower our clients to stay ahead of the curve."

Emilio Matt, General Manager for Aerospace and Commercial Defense at Microsoft shared, "It's truly inspiring to see Thinaer already envisioning the future of the Internet of Everything and the Classified Cloud. Together, we believe we can give our customers the confidence to operate securely in any environment, turning data into insights like never before."

To learn more about this new-to-market solution offered by Thinaer, check out the full release on Thinaer's website here.

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