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Winter Weather Advisory

A Winter Weather Advisory will be in effect from Wed. evening to Thu. evening (and may have to be extended to Fri. AM for some lakeshore counties). This is for 2-4″ of snow plus slippery road conditions and perhaps a bit of drifting snow on Thursday.

Futurecast 4 pm Wednesday

Here’s our Futurecast…showing first the weather at 4 pm tomorrow (Wed.). The snow is just moving across the border from Indiana into SW Michigan.

Futurecast 8 pm

By 8 pm, the snow has pushed across I-96. The darker blues indicate that it’s snowing at a good pace and roads will have slushy/slippery spots.

Futurecast for 1 am Thursday 2 13 20

At 1 am, it’s snowing across the entire area. Roads are snow covered and slippery. Temperatures will be in the upper 20s (north) to low 30s (south), so the snow will likely be on the wet, heavy side at this point.

Futurecast for 3 pm Friday

We move ahead to Friday afternoon. Winds are brisk and out of the north, 14 mph inland and stronger at Lake Michigan. The wind should be strong enough to cause some drifting snow. Temperatures are falling at this point, so the snow that is falling is lighter and fluffier. As the storm-system moisture moves off to the east, we’re left with lake-effect snow showers that will cause additional accumulations, especially in western Mason, western Oceana, Berrien and western Cass Counties.

Snow Forecast

Here’s the track of the snow, from Kansas to Maine. Note the lake-effect snow that will fall in the Central and Western U.P.

This is also a Lakeshore Flood Watch for Berrien Co. in SW Michigan and for Lake, Porter and La Porte Counties in N. Indiana. It’ll be in effect from Thursday morning through Thursday evening for strong north-northwest winds and waves up to 8-12 feet. A 15-foot wave is not impossible. This period of strong winds will likely cause more beach erosion. There’s also a Gale Watch for the lakeshore from late Wednesday night through Thursday. Wind gusts at the lakeshore could reach 40 mph.

South Haven Channel – Pic. from NOAA Coastwatch

It was a windy afternoon here in West Michigan. Look at the wave coming over the breakwater at South Haven.

Peak Wind Gusts Tuesday 2 11 20

Here’s a look at some peak wind gusts.

Sunset at South Haven Feb. 11 – Tuesday

This was sunset at Lake Michigan Tuesday evening. While it was partly sunny much of the day on the other side of the lake, West Michigan was stuck under the clouds.

Minutes of Sunshine by Month

Here’s the number of minutes of sunshine Grand Rapids has had by month. Here’s the percent of possible sunshine by month with (the average percent in parentheses): October 35% (44%), November 18% (28%), December 14% (20%), January 12% (26%) and February 27% (34%). Most of our sunshine in February came on two days, the 2nd and 3rd.

Today (Tue.) we have 10 hours and 22 minutes of daylight. By Feb. 25, we get 11 hours of possible daylight and on March 17, we’re up to 12 hours of daylight.

8-14 Day Temperature Outlook for Feb. 19-25

Here’s the latest 8-14 Day Temperature Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center…cool in the Rockies and warm east of the Rockies. The average high temperature starts to climb in late February and we’re up to 35 for this week-long period.

8-14 Day Precipitation Outlook for Feb. 19-25

We can’t seem to shake the above average area here in the Great Lakes. It’s also forecast to be west over much of the East and South and in the Pacific NW.

Great Lakes ice extent stands at 12.1%, with Lake Michigan at 9.7%. Both of these numbers are down from yesterday, likely due to stronger winds breaking up some of the ice.

Ice Safety

We’ve seen some people ice fishing. Always know how thick the ice is before you walk on it. You should have 4″ for walking on the ice, 6″ for snowmobiles and 14″ for a decent-sized truck.

Forecast Alaska Temps. for 2/17

While much of the contiguous U.S. is having a relatively warm winter, it’s just the opposite in Alaska – probably coldest winter since 2011-12. Here’s forecast temps. for 2/17.

ALSO: Late this afternoon, El Paso, Texas reported a thunderstorm with rain, sleet and snow. The temperature was 36°. We had 75 closings Tuesday morning, mostly school closings. Good news and bad news from Australia. Lots of flooding going on in Alabama. Tuesday’s National High/Low temps: 91 at Miles City, FL; -39 at Peters Sink, UT. That’s a 140-degrees difference between the high and low. “Massive Relief” as torrential rains douse bushfires in Australia. Recycling old wind turbines. Japan now plans to build as many as 22 new coal-burning power plants.

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