Weather for December 2019

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December 2019 was warmer, wetter and a touch cloudier than average. We had an average temperature for the month (adding up the 31 high temperatures and 31 low temperatures and dividing by 62) of 33.2° and that was 4.0° warmer than average. That was due to the period from Dec. 25 thru Dec. 30 being 17° warmer than average. The high temp. on Christmas Day was 55° and that was the 3rd warmest Christmas Day ever in Gr. Rapids. The high temperature of 61° on the 26th was a daily record and warmer than any day we had in November.

Precipitation (rain plus melted snow) totaled 4.04″ and that was 1.54″ above average. 2.44″ of that total came in the last 3 days of the month. Grand Rapids had 14.3″ of snow

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