Warm Pattern for Early March

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The warmer than average pattern will continue into the second week of March. This is the 8-14 Day Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for March 5 – 11. Warmer than average temperatures are likely in the Great Lakes and much of Eastern and Central U.S. It will remain cool in the West. Look at how the snow has melted off in the Central U.S.:

Snow on the Ground Feb. 19
Snow on the Ground Feb. 25

On Feb. 19, the U.S. had a 72.6% snow cover. Snow was on the ground over most of Texas and Louisiana! Six days later, it was down to 31.2%. In the meantime…enjoy the snow…and ice:

Frosty Crazy Hair – from the Mushlock Family 2 25 21

Here’s DT and Ira Blake Mushlock with “Frosty Crazy Hair”. When temperatures are at or above freezing, the snow is “good-packin’ ” and perfect for making a Frosty Snowman

Frozen Fountain near Smyrna, Michigan – pic. form R. J. Hale

Check out this gigantic frozen fountain near Smyrna, Michigan. – pic from R.J. Hale

Thursday evening at Bittersweet Ski Area

Here’s a pic. from Bittersweet Ski Area Thursday evening. Despite a little melting, there’s plenty of snow for skiers and boarders!

Skaters at Rosa Park Circle Thursday evening

Despite afternoon temperatures near 40°, skating was fine at Rosa Park Circle. The rink will be open today (Fri.) and over the weekend. Sunday the 28th will be the last day for skating this year.

South Haven sunset 2 25 21

Here’s one more pic. of the South Haven sunset Thursday evening.

Also – February 2021 will most certainly slip behind February 1989 to be the 2nd coldest February nationally in the past 40-years. Dry and windy in the Southwest. Waterspout SE of Miami. Waterspout off Bermuda. Full Moon the next couple of nights. If you average every hourly observation for February 2021 at Deadhorse, Alaska… the average wind chill is -50.0°F. Daffodils out in Alabama. Heavy snow in Denver. Aurora Borealis pics. from Iceland. Blizzard video from Russia. Temperatures in N. Canada: -50.0°C in Thomsen River [windchill -64] -49.0°C in Mould Bay [-60] -46.5°C in Nangmagvik Lake [-60] -45.4°C in Sachs Harbour [-65].

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