Two Storm Systems This Week

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Two significant storm systems will be passing through the Great Lakes this week. Both will produce rain, snow and strong winds across Michigan. In advance of the first storm, a Lakeshore Flood Watch has been posted for Van Buren County to the north for Wednesday and Wednesday night. We could see wind gusts of 40-50 mph at the lakeshore and waves up to 10 feet. This will be similar to several other storms we’ve had this fall (like last Thursday).

Winter Storm Watch for +6″ of Snow

West Michigan will be on the “warm side” of this system, with the low pressure system passing to our northwest. That means we get mostly or all rain. The heavy snow from this system will occur from Colorado and SE Wyoming, across Nebraska, NW Iowa, S. Minnesota, NW Wisconsin and the Western and Central U.P.

Snow cover Sunday AM

Here’s snow cover Sunday AM. Leading the list is a spot 10 miles south of Grand Marais, that had 10″ of snow on the ground. Mancelona had the most snow in Lower Michigan with 2″. Mild temperatures will eat into this snow cover. The Tues. PM/Wednesday storm will produce snow in the western half of Upper Michigan and all of us will see some snow from Sunday – Tuesday of next week. Here’s the Michigan ski report.

High Temperature Forecast

We’ll make a run at 50° this afternoon and we’ll come close on Tuesday. Wednesday will bring rain and a cold front will send temps. back to the mid 30s to near 40° for Thanksgiving Day and Friday (the big shopping day).

High Temperatures Sunday

Here’s high temperatures Sunday. When was the last time that Mt. Pleasant was the warmest temperature on the map? So, a salute to CMU and Mt. Pleasant.

Regional High Temperatures Sunday

Here’s regional high temps. from Sunday. It was a mild day across the Great Lakes, with tempertures reaching the mid 40s across Upper Michigan.

Climate Data

Some Climate Data – So far, November is running 7.7° colder than average in Grand Rapids. We’ve only had 1.22″ of precipitation (that includes 6.5″ of snow). Average precipitation from Nov. 1-24 is 2.87″ – so, for a change, precipitation is running below average. However, most rivers have well above average flow. The Grand River in Grand Rapids has a current (2:20 am Tue.) flow of 6,290 cubic feet per second. That compares to an average flow of 2,750 cfs. So, the question is…if precipitation is less than half of average…why is the Grand River flow 227% of average flow? A couple things. First, the ground is saturated, so more of the precipitation that falls gets into the rivers. Second, there is a lag time from rainfall to crest on the rivers. Unfortunately, we have two more storms coming this week – Tues. PM to Wed. night and again next weekend.

3-Day Temperatures

Temperatures will stay above freezing thru Wed. evening, so anyone traveling should find roads dry or wet, but not icy.

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