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I was off work Thursday, Oct. 16…so, I was home sitting in the living room in the evening, watching TV and I see a mouse go flying across the room toward the kitchen. I give a shout out to my two cats, as if they can understand English. I get my wife from the other room. We get two more glimpses of the mouse…running back and forth from the kitchen to the hallway to the dining room and back.

Before too long…it’s four against one. Our two cats are senior cats and don’t move around like they used to. The big male follows the mouse, but is otherwise kind of in the way. After a little while, he’s back to sleeping by the warm vent. The female chases the mouse like Wonder Cat, but she would rather not actually catch a mouse. It’s like a dog chasing a car…they don’t know what to do if the car stops. Rather than food, she thinks the mouse is just a fun toy to chase.

At this point…I have a big, empty box, ready to put over the mouse. My wife has a giant bowl…but decides she just doesn’t want to use one of her nice mixing bowls…so she gets a broom, so she can shoo the mouse toward me and the box. The pursuit doesn’t last long…the mouse disappears under the dishwasher. I haven’t noticed the mouse come out since and hours later the cat is still sniffing around there.

I have a live trap…so I set that up. I’ve caught mice before in the house with the live trap and taken them to a park a few miles away. So, I set up the live trap.

Not too many minutes later a hear a clank…got the mouse! Not really…the cat has taken to rubbing it’s head on the live trap, setting it off. I reset it…same thing, cat trips the live trap.

We’ve lived in this house for over 41 1/2 years. In that time we’ve had…in the house…a bat, a bird, a chipmunk that took days to catch with the live trap and probably every insect and spider known to man. Once I saw our female cat whack a lethargic fly out of midair and eat it. We once rented a cottage and opened the door to find a squirrel inside.

I’ve had stinkbugs on the outside windows for weeks now…but curiously, none inside the house. Despite the above average rain…I think this was a below average year for mosquitoes here. I did get my gutters cleaned – this is the first year I haven’t done that myself. I have also been cleaning the water in the backyard bird bath daily.

So…we’ve closed off the doors to the bedrooms…the mouse may still be around here. If I see it again…I’ll post an update.

Friday evening update…no new news on the mouse…though the cat spent a couple hours in the kitchen staring under the stove. All is quiet this evening.

Tuesday Oct. 29 update – the mouse has still not appeared since 10/16. It ran under the dishwasher and hasn’t been seen since. I still have the live trap up…but no mouse. I’ll bet there was a means of escape under that dishwasher and it is long gone. The cats have been tranquil since last Thursday night, which tells me they can’t smell a mouse. So…all’s quiet at the Steffen house.

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