Tropical Depression Imelda (and Tropical Storms Kiko, Lorena, Mario and Hurricane Jerry)

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Hurricane Jerry is moving WNW at around 16 mph as of Fri. AM. It has winds of 105 mph. The worst of Jerry should miss the Virgin Islands, but they should get a period of rain and gusty winds. A Tropical Storm Watch is up there. The snow should stay pretty much north of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and east of the Bahamas and the U.S. However, this could be another strong storm for the island of Bermuda. Humberto clobbered Bermuda with wind gusts as high as 109 mph. 80% of the island lost power. Here’s the current forecast track of the storm:

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Forecast Track of Tropical Storm (and then hurricane) Imelda

The center or eye of the storm is expected to pass just barely north of the Virgin Islands, where there will be a period of gusty winds and perhaps heavy rain…and far enough north of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic to prevent any significant damage. The eye of the storm may pass just northeast of the Bahama Island. We’ll be tracking the storm into early next week.

Tropical Storm Imelda has brought extreme rainfall of up to 43″ and severe flooding to SE Texas. There was virtually no wind damage from this storm, just relentless rain for days:

Storm Total Rainfall from Imelda – Large Area of over 25″

Here’s storm total rainfall from Imelda. There’s a large area that received over 25″ of rain with a few spots up to 43″ over several days. .

There are three tropical storms in the Eastern Pacific (as I write this early Fri. AM). Lorena will stay close enough to the coast to produce some wind and rain up into the California Peninsula and could even pump enough moisture northward to give some showers to S. California. Kiko and Mario will stay well out to sea.

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