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We had a cool, wet spring – now a cold and wet mid-late fall. In the last two weeks, only 5.5 days have been suitable for outdoor work. As of Nov. 10, corn harvested for grain was only 33%, compared to a 5-year average of 64%. The corn crop in MI is rated as 17% Excellent, 32% Good, 36% Fair, 14% Poor and 7% Very Poor.

Soybean Harvest in Michigan

Soybean harvest is doing a little better than corn, but still behind last year (when we had a wet fall) and behind the 5-year average.

Crop Progress in 2019

Here’s a graph of crop progress in Michigan this year. As you can see, we’ve been below average in crop progress and condition compared to previous years.

October Temperatures in the Contiguous U.S.

This map shows the ranking of average temperature for October for each state. The contiguous U.S. had an average temperature of 52.7° and that was 1.8° cooler than average. It was the 21st coldest in the last 125 years and the coolest since 2009. It was the coldest October since 1895 in Idaho and a top ten coldest October in 14 other states. We were 0.8 deg. colder than average in G.R. in October. It was a top ten warmest October for 11 states, including the 2nd warmest October in Florida.

October Precipitation in the U.S.

October was the 3rd wettest October in the last 30 years in the contiguous U.S., behind last year and 2009. It was the 8th wettest October in the last 125 years of record, with 145% of average precipitation. Topsoil moisture in Michigan is 59% surplus, 39% adequate, 2% short and 0% very short. It’s been a good year for Michigan apples – pick some up, they are big (ample rain), sweet and crisp this year.

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