Tornadoes in Arizona

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The NWS has confirmed that 3 tornadoes struck near Phoenix, Arizona in the early morning of Nov. 29. The twisters downed trees and power lines and did structural damage to buildings, but no injuries were reported.

Tornado Warning issued by the NWS

One tornado was rated EF1 with peak winds of 90 mph. That tornado moved from NE Phoenix into Scottsdale on a 5.15 mile path at 3:58 am. It was on the ground for 8 minutes and was 50 yards wide (half the length of a football field. A tornado warning had been issued by the NWS.

Two other tornadoes were rated EF0 with winds of 70 and 80 mph. The first moved from Gilbert into the town of Higley on a 3.25 mile path at 4:41 am. The second touched down in Queens Creek at 4:51 am and had a path length of 8/10ths of a mile.

There was one other tornado that touched down in Maricopa Co. back in September near New River.

Rainfall during the early monring of 11/29/19

Significant rainfall fell across most all of the desert areas of SE California and S. Arizona the during the early morning of 11/29. Phoenix (1.55″) had almost as much rain in November as Seattle (1.71″). The storm also brought heavy snow to the mountains of S. California.

Days with multiple torndoes in Maricopa Co. (Phoenix) since 1950

Here’s a list of days when multiple tornadoes hit Maricopa Co. (Phoenix). Note that it occurred twice in 1992 – the 7 days with multiple tornadoes occurred in 7 different months.

Tornado damage in Bellemont AZ on Oct. 6, 2010

On Oct. 6, 2010 a total of 9 tornadoes hit Arizona…including one EF3 and four EF2 twisters. The tornadoes occurred over a 12-hour period. Despite the tornadoes, the big weather story was the widespread huge hail (up to softball-size) that damage hundreds of thousands of structures. Hail damage totaled 2.81 BILLION dollars in damage (yes, that’s with a “B”).

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