Costliest Weather Event EVER in the Dallas TX area

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Nine tornadoes struck the Dallas, Texas area Sunday evening. There were a total of 27 tornadoes on Oct. 20-21 in six states (TX, OK, AR, MO, LA, TN). Damage estimates from the NE Texas tornadoes could top two billion dollars. If that is the case, this could be the costliest weather event ever in NE Texas.

Map of the Dallas Area Tornadoes

A tornado hit the north and northwest suburbs of Dallas, Texas Sunday evening. Video of the tornado! Reports indicated there were multiple injuries (mostly quite minor) and multiple buildings with significant damage. An 18-wheeler and multiple vehicles were overturned. Check out the before and after pics. of the home of Tyler Seguin of the Dallas Stars!

Dallas County Tornadoes

This tornado had a rating of EF-3 with winds of up to 140 mph. The tornado path was about 17 miles. This tornado was on the ground for 32 minutes. A second tornado in the eastern part of the country was rated EF1 with 100 mph winds and was on the ground for 9 minutes.

EF0 Tornado in Van Zandt County

The tornado in Van Zandt County north of Wills Point was rated EF0 with winds of 78 mph.

Significant Pressure Drop with the Tornado

There was a significant pressure drop with the passage of the tornadic storm.

Pic. of the tornado over N. Dallas TX Sunday Evening

235 reports of severe weather were received, mainly in NE Texas and Oklahoma. Winds hit 82 mph at Hoffman OK and 75 mph at Mineral Wells, Texas. There were a number of reports of hail ranging from golfball to baseball-size. Lightning damage was also reported. Check out this lightning video. Here’s severe reports:

Storm Reports Sunday October 20, 2019

As of 2 am Monday, there were 143,904 customers without power in Texas, 23,103 in Oklahoma, 7,682 in Arkansas and 5,692 in Missouri. Dozens of traffic signals are not working in the N. Dallas suburbs. At least 5 schools have been closed for Monday. Here’s damage pics. and videos from NBC5 in Dallas. More damage pics. here. Comment: ” “We were measuring our dresses for tomorrow’s picture day…then all of the sudden we were in the middle of the storm…and everything started collapsing,” said Allison Landeros. Here’s a statement from the City of Dallas. Here’s a pic. of the tornado. Rough path of the twister. Another map of the damage path.

Statement from the Fort Worth NWS as the tornado moved across N. Dallas
Peak wind gust at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport was 67 mph

Here are just a few of the businesses and buildings reporting damage: 

  • North Dallas Government Center at 10056 Marsh Lane
  • St. Marks School at 6331 Orchid Lane
  • The shopping center at Preston and Royal Lane
  • The Home Depot at Forest Central Drive and I-75
  • Walnut Hill Elementary School
  • Little Ceasars at Walnut Hill and Marsh Lane
  • 7-Eleven at Walnut Hill and Monroe
  • The Preston Hollow neighborhood

The peak wind gust at the Dallas – Fort Worth Airport (DFW was 67 mph) with a sustained wind of 49 mph. A warehouse/office building in Farmers Branch lost its roof.

Bonus link – pic. of the tornado in France a couple days ago.

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