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We have essentially 3 dry days coming, Monday – Wednesday. Temperatures will be above freezing during the day, melting much of our snow. We’ll be below freezing at night, so puddles from the melting snow will freeze. Watch for slick spots on sidewalks, parking lots, driveways and lesser-traveled side streets. It’ll be a touch on the breezy side on Tuesday.

Snow in Alpena around 5 pm Sunday

We had a period of fairly heavy snow, mainly north of Grand Rapids. Look at this picture from Alpena at 5 pm Sunday. Visibility was down to around 1/4 mile in heavy snow.

Snowfall Totals

Here’s a few more snowfall totals: 7″ Croton, 6.5″ White Cloud, 6″ Fremont, 5.5″ Baldwin, Stanwood and Spring Lake, +4″ Mt. Pleasant, 3.0″ Grattan, 1 to 1.5″ in the Kalamazoo Area.

Grand Rapids officially had 3.6″ Sunday, bringing the season total to 42.7″. Muskegon added 4.1″ and they are up to 42.1″ for the winter. Holland is up to 38.8″ and Kalamazoo is now at 38.1″ for the season. Houghton Lake added 5.0″, bringing their season total to 43.5″, which is exactly 3″ below average. Alpena had 4.4″. Their winter total so far is 50.8″, which is 3.5″ below average-to-date. Marquette has had 142.9″ this winter, 14.8″ above average.

Arctic Oscillation

This is a graph of the Arctic Oscillation, one of the parameters meteorologists use to anticipate long-range weather patterns. Now this is just one of the many factors…but…the Arctic Oscillation is forecast to go off the top of the chart…then stay very positive. That suggests the Polar Vortex will stay over the North Pole and that any incursions of colder air from Canada will be mostly brief speedbumps in an overall mild late winter pattern.

North Atlantic Oscillation

The North Atlantic Oscillation remains positive…this also would suggest a warm (and overall wet) pattern for the Eastern U.S.

Severe Weather Outlook Area from the Storm Prediction Center for Monday/ Monday night

Thunderstorms are possible from S. California to North Carolina, with potential severe storms from Texas to Alabama.

Also: Matt Kirkwood’s dog sliding on the ice at Dean Lake. Very windy in the Scottish Mtns: Top gust yesterday was 125 mph over Cairngorm! Very windy in N. France – a monthly wind record was set in Strasbourg.

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