The Cold is Coming

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The top pic. is sunset in downtown Chicago – viewed from the water intake, which is about 2 3/4 miles east of downtown. The cold air is coming. Tuesday, we could set a record for the coldest high temperature ever on any Nov. 12 in Grand Rapids.

High Temperatures Sunday

You can see the cold air north of Lake Superior and Minnesota. That’s what will be coming down into Michigan for Monday- Wednesday. It’s cooled off a little in S. Texas…along the Gulf Coast over to Florida, where temperatures were comfortably in the 70s. The High Plains had a warm day, with 81 at Hill City KS and 82 at McCook, NE.

High Temperatures for the next 5 days

Today (Sun.) will be mostly cloudy. I can’t rule out a sprinkle or a little drizzle. There could be a period of light rain along and south of I-94, but most of the day it will not be raining. The cold air moves in Sunday night and we probably won’t get above freezing from Monday – Wednesday. Temperatures to moderate a bit toward the end of the week.

futurecast for Monday Noon

Snow showers are likely over Lake Michigan and along the shore. There will likely be a band of heavier snow showers either just offshore or just onshore from Ludington to N. Indiana. Another area of snow may get as far northwest as St. Joseph, Calhoun and Eaton Counties. Watch for slippery driving.

8-14 Day Outlook for Nov. 17-23 from the Climate Prediction Center

This is the latest 8-14 Day Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for Nov. 17-23. Keep in mind this is a 7 day average and we’re likely to see cooler than average at the start of that week and near to a little above average temperature toward the end of the 7-day period.

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