T-Storms Blast the U.P. and N. Lower Michigan

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Storm moving into Alpena on Monday 9 30 19

The pic. above is a storm moving into Alpena MI shortly after 5 pm Monday. Storms brought heavy rain, strong winds and vivid lightning to the U.P. and far Northern Lower Michigan on Monday. Wind damage (downed trees and wires) was reported at Harbor Springs, Petoskey and Indian River. Pellston had a gust to 48 mph and there was 1″ diameter hail at Levering.

Heavy Rain in the U.P. Monday

Here’s rainfall Monday in the U.P. S. Ste. Marie had an even 3″ from two batches of storms. They are up to 7.06″ of rain for Sept. That’s 3.24″ above average. For the year, S. Ste. Marie is up to 34.16″ of precipitation and that’s 11.17″ above average (a lot). Marquette added 2.83″ (1 mile west of Marquette). The official rain total for Sept. in Marquette is 7.10″ and that’s 3.38″ above average. For the year, Marquette has had 35.22″ of precipitation and that’s 9.13″ above average. All that heavy rain gets into Lakes Superior, Michigan and Huron and will act to keep lake levels quite high as we head into winter.

Mackinac Bridge 4:11 pm Monday 9 30 19 looking north
Mackinac Bridge at 4:11 pm Monday 9 30 19 looking south

Look at the two pictures above, taken at the same time right after a thunderstorm had rolled through. The top picture is looking north toward Upper Michigan and the bottom picture is looking south toward Lower Michigan.

First, you can see a long barge ready to move under the bridge (or has it already moved under the bridge). Second, look at the low clouds – they look white in the top picture and gray in the bottom picture. The clouds are obscuring the top of the north tower of the bridge, but not the top of the south tower. The flag shows a west wind…the prevailing east wind was disrupted by the thunderstorms.

Grand Rapids has had 5.08″ of rain over the last two weekends…Holland 5.09″. Hope we can change that pattern.

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