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We have several days to dry out. It looks partly sunny from Friday through Monday. High temps. will be near 40° this afternoon and into the low-mid 40s over the weekend and on Monday. Maybe I’ll be able to rake up the leaves that were sitting on the snow and have now blown to the back fence.

Peak Wind Gusts Thursday

Here’s some peak wind gusts from Thursday. The mid-Lake Michigan buoy had waves up to 7.5 feet and I’ll bet they were higher closer to the Michigan shore. The mid-Lake Michigan buoy reported a water temp. of 43.7°. The nearshore buoys have been picked up for the winter and the mid-lake buoys will come in soon. It’s great to have them out this late in the fall.

Here’s high temperatures from Thursday

Only Ludington failed to reach 50°. It was the warmest day in G.R. since Oct. 28. Grand Rapids was only 9° cooler than Phoenix AZ, which also had a cloudy, showery day and a high of 62°

South Haven Beach Thursday PM

This is a pic. of the S. Haven Beach shortly before sunset Thursday. The waves crashing into the breakwater sent spray to the topo of the catwalk. While the water was pushed farther up the beach, the water didn’t come up to the parking lot this time, as it has for a couple of other fall storms.

Saturday Parades

There are 3 big parades on Saturday. I’ll be in the Art Van Santa Parade in G.R. – that kicks off at 9 am. Say “hi” if you see me – maybe I’ll tell you about when I was attacked by the giant turkey inflatable at a parade. After the G.R. parade…I’m heading to Hudsonville for the Holiday Parade. Stay after the parade for free hot cocoa, coffee and goodies. They usually have reindeer there as well as Santa (and Mrs. Santa) for free pictures. In the evening is the Battle Creek Christmas Parade. That’s at 5:40 pm, when it gets dark, because there are lights on some floats and they have the gondolas from the hot-air balloons (nice way to warm up). I’ve been in that parade before…I think the last time I rode with the Boy Scouts (I’m an Eagle Scout).

The weather looks good for all 3 parades, cool and dry. There will be a band of mixed rain and snow Saturday in Indiana and Ohio.

8-14 Day Outlook for Nov. 29 – Dec. 5

Two more things to write about. A storm system next Tuesday could bring rain, snow or a mix. If it’s mostly snow, it could be several inches of accumulation. It’ll be gone in time for dry weather for much of Wednesday and Thanksgiving Day. The map above is for a 7-day period…but what I think will happen is that the first part of the time period is still on the mild side, with the second part colder or significantly colder than average.

Forecast for next week – Nov. 25-28

Above is the weather for next week.

Also, I see another surge of Arctic or Canadian air starting around Dec. 4-5. That will likely bring some cold temperatures and perhaps some significant lake-effect snow. One sign this will happen is a forecast stratospheric warming event (which can push cold, Arctic air down into the Northern U.S. Keep reading the blog and I’ll update when I can.

Also: ‘Biggest explosion since the Big Bang’: Gamma ray burst in a distant galaxy breaks the record for the brightest light ever seen – releasing as much energy as the sun would in 10 billion years. Waterspout. Check out this GIGANTIC wave – hate to have that fall on me…water weighs 62.4 pounds per cubic foot! Pretty sunrise in Spain. Vicksburg MS tied a record daily high temp. of 81 on Thu. Phoenix AZ has had 0.84″ of rain in the last 3 days. San Diego (Nellis) has had 2.07″ of rain in the last 3 days. Nice lightning pic. Pretty pic. of Mt. Baker WA. Thursday’s National High/Low temps: 93 at Rio Grande Village, TX; -4 at Crosby, ND. Pretty fall colors in the Great Smoky Mtns.

Thunderstorm Outlook Area for Friday 11/22/19

There is a Marginal Risk of a severe thunderstorm this PM in SE TX and LA.

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