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The top picture from Jim Borgeld is a sun dog (also known as a mock sun). The technical name is parhelia. When you see a sun dog – you are looking toward the sun. When you see a rainbow, the sun is at hour back – you’re facing in the opposite direction. A sun dog is usually multi-colored and at about 23° to the left or right of the sun. Here’s more about sun dogs. The pic. above one of several we got – thanks for that.

Sunset at South Haven Monday Oct. 14, 2019

Here’s sunset at S. Haven MI Monday evening. We continue to lose daylight at the rate of almost 3 minutes per day. We are down to 11 hours and 4 minutes of daylight. The shortest day is 9 hours and 31 seconds on Dec. 21 and Dec. 22. Note there are two layers of scattered clouds in the picture – some high cirrus and some scattered lower cumulus clouds.

View from the South Haven buoycam Sunday 10 14 19

Here’s the South Haven buoycam Sunday PM. The lake had calmed down, after waves peaked at 10.8 feet at the Port Sheldon and Muskegon buoys Saturday night.

Full “Hunter’s Moon” 10 14 19

Here’s a picture of the full moon from Jack Martin. You can check out Jack’s fine photos here. The full moon of October is called the Hunter’s Moon and this year this is the smallest of all the full moons. It’d not a big enough difference that you would notice a difference.

Mackinac Bridge – evening of Sun. 10 14 19

This is a pic. from the Mackinac Bridge webcam. There were a few sprinkles and virga (precipitation that is falling from the clouds, but evaporating on the way down and not reaching the ground – it often looks like gray streaks) in the distance.

Purple glow in the sky over SE Kent County

We’ve had several emails about the purple glow in the sky over SE Grand Rapids. This is purple grow lights from greenhouses that are reflecting off low clouds.

Pic. from the Muskegon Channel 4:50 pm Sun. 10 14 19

This pic. is from the GLERL cam. at the Muskegon Channel showing the Lake Express Ferry heading out toward Milwaukee. Here at the Muskegon Channel, the high temperature for Monday was 51.1° at 11 pm. The wind at the time was from the west-southwest. At 12 AM (midnight), the temperature had dropped to 41.9° because the wind had shifted to the east and was now coming off the land than off the warmer water.

Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse

Here’s the Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse – this is a new camera shot from the GLERL camera there on the island. Note the pretty fall color and you can see a ship in the distance on the left side of the picture.

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