Solar-Powered Bathrooms?

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Solar Powered bathrooms?

I didn’t quite get this. This is a solar powered bathroom we came upon on our vacation here in Door County, Wisconsin. There was a nice sign telling everyone it was one of the first solar-powered bathrooms and they were really proud of it.

This was a glorified latrine…no flushing toilets. There was no running water, just a hand sanitizer that you find in porta-potties. There were two skylights that provided light, no electric lights that I saw. I didn’t see any way to heat the bathrooms from the solar panels…besides, it was a warm day and it didn’t need heat. There was what appeared to be a camera pointed at the door to see who was coming into the men’s room. Did the solar panel power that?? There were two vents on top that were not spinning (sometimes these are pushed around by the wind. I missed something here.

This reminded me of a classified newspaper ad I saw decades ago. Someone was trying to sell a “Battery-Operated Chicken-Picker”. I had never heard of such a thing. Did they mean “plucker”? Did someone place the ad as a joke? I thought of a poor man trying to pick his chickens and the power goes out. He’d be in a real bind…not being able to pick his chickens. That back-up, battery-powered chicken-picker would save the day! Another one of life’s mysteries…like how socks disappear in the dryer.

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