Snow Today (Sun.) and Mon. Evening through Tue. AM

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Sun. AM update – the map above and below show 7-day snowfall from the European model (Sat. night run). We get light snow this Sunday AM – averaging around an inch. Temperatures are in the mid 20s – so it’ll stick to the pavement and cause some slick spots. Here’s radar:

The Euroean model has backed off a little on the snow totals for S. Michigan for Monday evening thru Tuesday morning, with around 3-6″ now expected from I-96 south into northern Indiana. Heavier snow may fall from Iowa across N. Illinois.

Snowfall totals from the Saturday night run of the European model

Here’s a closer look at some snowfall totals on the European model with the heavies snow along and just south of I-94. This is Accu-Weather’s take on the Monday storm.

Weather Prediction Center – Impact map

Above is the impact map from the Weather Prediction Center. It shows the greater impact from Kansas through N. Illinois with the less impact in S. Michigan from slightly lighter snowfall totals than what they will see west of Chicago. We should be dry here Thursday and Friday.

The next storm to follow Sat. night and Sun. may bring us a mix changing to rain then back to snow.

The long-long range is trending cool for late winter. La Nina patterns often bring significant tornado and severe weather activity in late winter and early spring. I’m hoping we stay on the cool side of things and that most of the severe weather during that time is south of Michigan.

If there is ever a time when you want consistently cool weather, it’s early spring…so the severe storms stay south and the blossoms don’t come out too soon. Cross your fingers/say a prayer.

10-day snowfall

The map above shows estimated snowfall over the next 10 days from the European model. This is southern California. Snow is forecast in the coastal mountains all the way down into Mexico. The snow level could get down to 3,000 feet and low temperatures could reach the upper 30s in coastal areas.

Some significant rain fell in the Southwest Desert. Yuma, Arizona reported 0.80″ and Blythe, California had 0.64″. This next storm is going to produce at least 1/2″ of rain in S. California (inc. Los Angeles)…and that will extend into Arizona, where there will be some significant snowfall in the mountains.

So, stay tuned to later forecasts – and I’ll be updating the blog from time to time.

Watch for an icy spot on a driveway, sidewalk or parking lot.

The week from Jan. 13-19 was warmer than average over most of the U.S. The exception was in the South and Southeast.

ALSO: I’m getting four new tires on my Explorer Friday – nice. More rain for the Desert Southwest. Video of Indonesia waterspout. Gulf sunset. Windy in Wyoming. We now have a waxing (moving toward full) half moon tonight. Waterfall. How about this for a red sunset. Sunset at Watersound Beach.

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