Snowfall Below Average for the First Part of Winter

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The map above is the European model total forecast snowfall for Nov. 29 – Jan. 10. It’s little more than an (educated) guess, so don’t put much weight on it…but…the model gives Grand Rapids just 19″ of snow. We had just 0.4″ in G.R. during November. Average snowfall in G.R. for Dec. 1 – Jan. 10 is 28.6″, so the model is forecasting just 66% of average snowfall for this period. I’ve said this before, but sometimes La Nina winters start off a little slow then crescendo in February – so we’ll see if that’s the came this winter. “Crescendo” doesn’t necessarily mean a big snowstorm here…just that February may be the snowiest month relative to average.

Alaska High Temperatures for Monday

Up in Alaska, temperatures are seasonably cold, with nothing warmer than the low 40s and some interior places staying a little below zero in the afternoon. In Fairbanks AK, sunrise today (Sun.) was at 10:18 am and sunset at 3:01 pm. At Utqiagvik (Barrow) at the north tip of Alaska, the sun won’t rise again until January 22.

Snow and Ice Cover in the Northern Hemisphere

Here’s snow and ice cover. Hudson Bay is now about 60% ice covered and should be totallyt ice covered by around Christmas. Most of Canada, Alaska (except for the immediate SE Coast) and Siberia now have a solid snow cover.

Temperature Anomaly last 30 days (Oct. 30 thru Nov. 28

The entire region has seen temperatures warmer than average in November with readings from 1 to 5 degrees warmer than average in Michigan to as high as 8 degrees warmer than average in South Dakota.

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