Snow in Baghdad – 2nd time in 100 years.

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Got this from Meteorologist Mark Vogan in Scotland: Baghdad, Iraq Receives 1st Snowfall In 12 Years, Only 2nd Time in 100 Years!

The average high temperature in Baghdad is 66° in February. The average high in August is 111°. The last measurable snowfall there was 12 years ago, on January 11, 2008. Temperatures get below freezing only a couple times a year, almost always on calm, clear nights. It’s a desert, so not only is there no snow, it seldom rains. They average 6″ of rain per year (Grand Rapids had 51.37″ of rain last year). The average rainfall for the months June, July, August and September in Baghdad is zero. The area has frequent dust storms.

Here’s another pic. of the Baghdad snow.

Unrelated note. My brother is an awesome guitarist/musician that plays a wide variety of music with a number of different bands. One group he plays with is a Beatles cover band. Their band got invited to play at Beatlesfest in Liverpool (England). There were 78 Beatles cover bands there from all over the world. My brother said one of the best bands was (originally) from Iraq.

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