Snow for Wed. Night and Thursday

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Snow will overspread the area from south to north Wednesday evening. Above is the snow forecast from the Weather Prediction Center. They have a 60-80% chance of 2″ or more of snow in West Michigan. I think 2-5″ of snow is likely. Additional lake-effect snow showers are likely Thursday night into Friday.

A quick shot of cold, Canadian air will start to move in on Thursday. Temperatures will be falling on Thursday as winds pick up from the north-northwest. We should reach the single digits both Friday morning and Saturday morning. The lowest temperature we’ve had this winter has been 7° back on Dec. 18th. The lowest high temperature so far this winter has been 22°. That was 2 months ago on Dec. 11.

After a cold start to Saturday, temperatures recover to near 30° Saturday evening…then back to the upper 30s early next week.

The latest 8-14 day temperature outlook for Feb. 18-24 continues the overall trend of relatively warm air east of the Rockies and relatively cool air over much of the West. The Polar Vortex remains over the North Pole.

8-14 Day Precipitation Forecast for Feb. 18-24 from the Climate Prediction Center

Once again the Great Lakes are in the (green) area expected to see above average precipitation.

Season snowfall as of 2/11/20

Here’s some season snowfall totals as of Feb. 11 (Tue.). We’ve picked up the pace a little of late. We (as of now) expect another 2-5″ of snow Wed. night and Thur.

Season snowfall totals as of Feb. 11

Here’s more season snowfall totals. G.R. has had 10.1″ of snow this month. Look how close Grand Rapids and Muskegon are…due to a lack of lake-effect snow because it’s been too warm.

Great Lakes Ice Extent Feb. 10, 2011

Great Lakes ice extent has been increasing very slowly…up now to 13.6% for the Great Lakes as a whole. Lake Michigan is up to 12%. We have about 36 hours of true Arctic air coming from Thur. PM to Sat. AM.

East Grand Rapids webcam 2 10 20

Here’s a look at some ice fisherman on Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids Monday evening. Continue to check the ice and make sure it’s safe to walk on… at least 3″ thick for a single person and 5″ for a snowmobile.

Sunset at Muskegon Monday 2 10 20

It was a pretty sunset in some lakeshore areas Monday evening. After 2 back-to-back mostly sunny days on Feb. 2 and 3 – we’ve only had 14% sunshine in the last 7 days. Sunrise Tue. is at 7:46 am and sunset at 6:08 pm. We continue to gain daylight at the rate of about 2 1/2 min. per day.

Wind Forecast for Tuesday

The Wind Futurecast has winds cranking up to 15 mph this (Tue.) PM – so it will be a little windy this afternoon.

Severe Weather Outlook for Wednesday 2/12/20

This is the Severe Weather Outlook Area for Wednesday Feb. 12. There’s a large Slight Risk Area from Tennessee to the Gulf of Mexico. Besides severe weather, the additional storms will add to the major flooding going on in this area.

Excessive Rainfall Outlook for Tue.

There is a rare High Risk of Excessive Flooding from Mississippi to NW Georgia.

Also: Beautiful picture of frost from freezing fog. This is flooding SE of Birmingham AL. Scotland chopped down 13.9 million trees from 2000-2019 to erect wind turbines. Showers and storms in Arizona produced hail at Mesa and Globe and 3/4″ of rain at Yuma. Arctic sea ice extent is currently 3rd highest in the last 15 years, the only years higher are 2008 and 2009. It just surpassed 2013 and is about to pass 2004 within the next day or two. It isn’t too far behind 2009 either. Time out for a cute squirrel video. Strong winds in S. California. Up to 30″ of snow forecast for the mountains of NM and CO.

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