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The map above is the probability of 2″ or more of accumulating snow over the 72-hours ending Thursday evening from the Weather Prediction Center. It doesn’t include additional snow that could fall on Friday and Saturday.

Snowfall map

Here’s another snowfall map – up to 7″ of snow in NW Illinois and S Wisconsin – 2″ for Reed City.

There’s a high probability of several inches of snow from near Kansas City to near Green Bay. There is a lower probability of accumulating snow north of Grand Rapids. Remember, this is only through Thursday evening. We’ll have a better chance of snow showers with the colder air aloft coming over the relatively warm (water temps. 51° – 56°) of Lake Michigan Friday into Saturday AM. The pavement is warm and much (but maybe not all) of the snow will melt on the roads. Here’s the GEFS model showing a good chance of snow in areas north of G.R. FYI – Accu-Weather’s snow forecast. Marginal Risk of severe thunderstorms up to the Ohio River on Wednesday.

Also: Cool lightning pic. from Portugal. Arctic air moving into Europe. Beautiful fall color in Virginia. Snow down into Kansas. Pretty sunset on the farm in Washington State. Strong magnitude 6.6 earthquake in the Philppines. Snow and very cold at Yellowstone N.P. Monday’s highest and lowest temps. in the U.S.: 95° at Miles City, FL; -35° at Peter Sinks, UT (if verified – that’s the coldest temperature ever recorded in the U.S. during the month of October! Strong cyclone in the Indian Ocean. Fall color in Central Park NYC. Windy on the high mountaintops of CA. Colorado snow.

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