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We had both strong, gusty general surface winds in the afternoon, and thunderstorms in the evening. Here’s a look at some of the wind gusts during the PM. Ellen and I saw quite a light show on several of our skycams in the evening. There were several severe t-storm warnings. There was tree damage 2 miles southeast of Decatur. There was also tree damage and some wires down in Leelanau County. There were very few power outages with the storm. There was one big power outage in Clare Co., but that was due to equipment malfunction. I’ll leave the radar maps below, so you can come back and check them if you like.


Here’s Midwest radar:

Upper Mississippi Valley sector loop

and Grand Rapids radar:

Click for latest Composite Reflectivity radar image from the Grand Rapids/Muskegon, MI radar and current weather warnings

Storm Reports Monday:

Severe Storm Reports for Monday 9.2.19

Note how the severe storm outbreak started with some severe hail reports in NW N. Dakota and far NE Montana. Then the storms formed a bow-echo line and the event transitioned to a severe wind event (mesoscale convective complex or perhaps even a derecho). Wind gusts hit 71 mph at the Fargo ND Airport, 85 mph aet the Jamestown ND Airport and 87 mph at Dilworth MN. At Moorehead MN, the anemometer got to 75 mph before it blew away. There are many reports of trees and power lines down in ND and western MN.

Lakeshore flood Warning

There was also a Lakeshore Flood Warning, Gale Warnings and a Beach Hazard Statement today (Tue.). Waves were running 6 feet on Lake Michigan during the day. As a general rule, do not jump off or swim near the piers and breakwaters at Lake Michigan on windy days.

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