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Here’s a look at the difference from average (to date) for season snowfall this winter. Muskegon is now over 50″ for the winter. Augusta, near Kalamazoo has had 52″ of snow this winter.. Grand Rapids has picked up 48.5″ and that’s just 0.1″ more than Kalamazoo. As you go east, snowfall above average. Lansing has had 42.7″ of snow this winter and that’s 0.9″ above average thru 2/27. Detroit has had 36.6″ and that’s 3.0″ above average to date. Flint is up to 49.7″ for the season and that’s 11.4″ above average to date.

Snowfall from the Tue-Wed. System

Here’s snowfall totals from Tue./Wed. Note that temperatures were relatively warm, so some of this snowfall melted as it hit the ground and some melted with temps. slightly above freezing, so you might not be able to stick a ruler in the ground and come up with 7″ if you live in Coldwatere. 1.9″ fell at the Ford Airport in G.R., but only a trace on the other end of town in Alpine Township.

Average snowfall by month in G.R.

Here’s average snowfall by month in Grand Rapids. G.R. has had 15.9″ of snow in February, so we are a little above average monthly snowfall.

Blizzard Warning!

Shiverin’ Snowman!! Check out the forecast for the 3 counties east of Lake Ontario! Three to four FEET of snow along with 60 mph winds!! Yup…that’ll get you a “snow day”.

Forecast Snowfall for New York State

Here’s expected snow. Often there’s a lot of ice on the Great Lakes in late February, but this year the lakes are virtually all open water, so lake-effect acts like early winter.

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