Saturday Afternoon in Rockford

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Saturday PM Gayle and I decided to take all our recyclables to Rockford where you can recycle for free at the landfill on the west side of town off 10 Mi. Road. The sun was to the west, so I had to go around to the back of the bins to get a picture. There were over half a dozen vehicles unloading, while we were there. There were lots of Amazon boxes – people have been getting a lot of stuff delivered.

Downtown Rockford MI Saturday PM

After we got done emptying the car, we headed a mile or so east to downtown Rockford. Forty-five years ago, Gayle was the owner of Gayle’s Stained Glass on the corner of Bridge and Squires St.

Downtown Rockford was full of people – I could hardly find a parking place. Main St. was blocked off from Bridge to Courtland and there were well over 100 people in the street – eating, drinking and staying warm by several wood fires. Maybe it was the weather, maybe just getting out of the house to see other people…but everyone seemed super-happy and friendly.

Swan in the Rogue River in Rockford MI Sat. 2 27 21

I walked along the White Pine Trail and this beautiful bird came right up to the edge of the water and posed for a picture. I could hear quite a few songbirds.

Ducks in the Rogue River Sat. PM 2 27 21

There were about a dozen ducks in the river. I told ’em if they made it this far, they’d have no problem making it to spring. There was little ice here, because the water was moving pretty fast. You can see a scattering of cirrus clouds floating across the sky. There’s a river gauge at the bottom of the pic.

Along the White Pine Trail north of downtown Rockford

This is along the White Pine Trail north of downtown Rockford. They plow the trail in the winter, so it often makes for easy walking in the winter. Take a look at the heart sign in the upper right. They tell me I’m good at predicting things…and I predict that “Louie” and “Mona” are going to be sweathearts for many, many more years.

Rockford Dam 2 27 21

This is the Rockford Dam. Flow here on the Rogue River here at the dam is near average (254 cfs vs. average flow of 238 cfs).

Group by the fire enjoying the day at the Rockford Dam

Right by the dam there was a fire going and a group of people were enjoying a brew and the chance to get out and get together with other people.

The high temperature reached 45° in Grand Rapids on Saturday. South Haven’s airport was the warm spot with a high of 50°. The high at the Muskegon Beach was 37.9°. The warm air pushed north into the U.P., where S. Ste. Marie had a high temp. of 46°, despite having 23″ of snow on the ground.

Bright, full moon tonight. Pic courtesy of Jack Martin at Great Lakes Photo.

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