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That’s me on the Lake Express Ferry coming into Milwaukee just before sunset. When the Ferry is zipping along at over 30 mph, there’s a very healthy wind on the top deck. Note my hair. This was my first time on the ferry. It saved me time and the hassle of going around the lake through Chicago.

This was the wake of the ferry – looking back toward the Muskegon shore.

This is looking back toward the Muskegon shore. The high temperature Thursday at G.R. and 82 in Milwaukee. At the Muskegon Beach, the high temp. was 72 (cooler at the lake) and at trehe Milwaukee Beach, the temperature dropped 8 degrees in 10 minutes when the wind flipped from west to east as the lake-breeze kicked in.

Sunset – driving west on I-94

We were treated to an awesome sunset as we drove west on I-94 toward Madison.

Storm Total Rainfall in SW Wisconsin and NE Iowa

Madison had some showers earlier Thu., but west of Madison, there was heavy rain and some flooding. YOu can see a couple spots at 6″ on this Storm Total Rainfall image. Some totals from SW Wisconsin: 5.7″ Mable, 4.6″ Nora Springs, 3.7′ Preston – the heaviest rain was in Lafayette and W. Sauk Counties.

Milwaukee Thu. evening from the Lake Express Ferry

Here’s Milwaukee from the Lake Express Ferry. It was a pretty smooth ride over with waves generally less than 2 feet. There were several sailboats out and we saw a bazillion gulls (and other birds) sitting on the breakwaters.

Traveling west on I-94 Thu. evening

We hit a slowdown in Milwaukee right by Miller Park, where the Brewers were losing to the Padres 5-1. We were patient and watched the sunset.

We get a special tour of Camp Randall Stadium, which is 100+ years old. The Badgers recruited a couple of great athletes from E. Kentwood High School (Logan Brown and Stephan Bracey). Meeting up with a couple of my old fraternity brothers tomorrow and Saturday…should be fun.

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