Road Trip Day 3 – Man (and Woman) vs. Mouse

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Cloudy, calm day in Tennessee

I don’t have a pic. of the mouse (or mice). Above is a good shot of today’s weather…cloudy and calm. We did get a couple of sprinkles here in Oak Ridge TN – but only trace amounts. The average wind speed at nearby Knoxville from midnight to 5 pm was only 2.4 mph.

Creek by my mother’s condo in Oak Ridge TN

This is the creek by my mother’s condo in Oak Ridge TN. I’ve seen it roaring past with +10 times the flow it had today and I’ve seen it dry up to trickle (never completely dry). The grass was still at least partially green and some of the bushes still had green leaves.

Entrance to the condos

This is the entrance to the condos. The holly with its red berries stays green all winter and the bushes in front keep their redish leaves much of the winter. Some oak trees hang onto their brown leaves through the winter.

Bird house by the condo

The condo association has put up bird houses in the complex. I always see a variety of birds…some big crows were visiting today. When I see a robin here in winter, I wonder if it was a robin that spent the summer in Michigan. Robins like to walk around on the ground – it’s seldom you’d see one at a bird feeder. There’s still plenty for them to eat down here right now. On my short walk down the street, I also saw two squirrels and a rabbit.

Wreath on my mother’s door

Wreaths are a popular decoration here in Oak Ridge and this is the one my mother has up.

Yesterday I shared that we have a mouse problem in my mother’s condo. We saw a mouse run into the pantry and now that we were looking for them, there were mouse droppings all over the condo. We had blocked off the pantry, but the mouse must have escaped, because when we went to clean the pantry this AM – there was no sign of the mouse. We cleaned the pantry from top to bottom – threw out everything that needed to be tossed and cleaned the rest. We went to the hardware store and got stuff to deal with the mice.

Second problem – the smoke detector in the spare bedroom started chirping. OK, I can fix that…we couldn’t find a 9-volt battery – so we went to the store down the street to get one. Turns out my mother had a whole packet of 9-volt batteries in the refrigerator – didn’t think of looking there.

I crawled up a ladder, changed the battery…it’s still chirping. So, I called and got my name on the list to have the fire dept. come and check all the detectors and change the batteries. They’ll come out and do that for senior citizens. At 100 1/2, my mother qualifies.

We went back to the retirement home for dinner (at 4:45 pm – those seniors eat early). It was Mexican night – all Mexican food – very good. A whole group (kids and adults) came from nearby St. Mary’s Church/School to sing carols for those in the retirement home and to pass out homemade Christmas cards – very nice.

Tomorrow’s Saturday. Mom wants to go to the White Elephant Sale and there are a couple stores we need to hit. Lately at Christmas, we’ve been taking mom to the bookstore and let her pick out any book she likes. She is a reader. We also plan to do more cleaning here. Happy weekend everyone from Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

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