Record Heat Wave in Muskegon and an Evening Gust of Wind

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Number of Consecutive 90-degree days

Muskegon has set a record for the most consecutive 90-degree days. Starting with June 29 (to July 7), the high temperatures at the Muskegon Airport have been 91°-92°-91°-90°-92°-91°-90°-91°. With a stagnant weather pattern, the high temperatures have been remarkably consistent.

Muskegon Channel on Tuesday, July 7

This was the Muskegon Channel at noon on Tuesday. Winds were light and waves only around 6″. The high temperature here at the channel was 82°. So, it was cooler at the lake, but with warmer water temperatures, the difference between the lake and inland areas isn’t quite as great as it is on hot days in May and June when the water is cooler.

There were thunderstorms across the lake in NE Illinois and E. Wisconsin Tuesday PM. Wind gusts with those storms hit 60 mph at O’Hare Airport in Chicago and 56 mph at Racine, Wisconsin. The storms died out as they tried to get across Lake Michigan, but we did see some clouds from those storms in the evening and the push of wind from those storms did make it across Lake Michigan. At 9 pm, the wind here at the Muskegon Channel was 3 mph. At 10 pm, the wind was up to 15 mph. Then by 1 am, the wind was back down to 5 mph.

The gust front was even more pronounced at South Haven. The wind at the beach was dead calm at 7 pm. Then the wind came up from the west-northwest and gusted to 37 mph. At 8 pm, the wind was a steady 25.7 mph. By 9 pm it was back down to 7 mph.

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