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Dozens of record low temperatures and record low high temperatures have been set east of the Rockies. Here’s a look at high temperatures Tuesday. All of these are record low maximum temperatures for the date. The previous record low maximums where…for G.R. 27° in 1920, for Muskegon 27° in 1940, for Lansing 29° in 1995 and for Kalamazoo 28° in 1920.

Low temp. records for today (Wed. the 13th) are 10° for Gr. Rapids in 1986, 11° for Muskegon in 1911, 1° for Lansing in 1872 and 12° for Kalamazoo in 1986.

Daily High Temperatures

Here’s Forecast High Temperatures for Grand Rapids for the next 5 Days. We’re going to have a south wind today and we’re still going to be only in the mid 20s. We finally get close to freezing on Thursday and a little above freezing Friday thru Sunday, but temperatures are still well below average for this time of year. Thru Tuesday, November is running 9.8° colder than average. In the last half-month, we’ve only had one day that has been warmer than average. In the last month, we’ve only had 5 days that have been warmer than average. In the last 25 days, we’ve only had 2 days without any rain or snow. We’ve also had at least a trace of snow on 8 of the first 12 days of November.

Afternoon High Temperatures Tue. 11 12 19

Here’s high temperatures across the U.S. on Tue. Look at the southern tip of Texas. Brownsville had an afternoon high temp. of 40°. Their average high temperature on Nov. 12 is 80°. The official high for the day there will be 48°, which was their temp. at 12:01 am. Brownsville had 4 hours of snow flurries! Dallas had a high of just 39° – their average high temp. for Nov. 12 is 68°. Other cold high temps: 47° at Baton Rouge, 37° at Rome GA…just 21° in St. Louis and 16° at both Champaign and Mattoon IL (you can see why a south wind isn’t going to warm us up much).

The cold front hadn’t reached central Florida, where the high temp. was 85° at Ft. Myers and Orlando and 88° at Miami. It was also warm in the desert SW – with highs of 90° at San Bernadino and Thermal CA. The highest temp. in the U.S. was 91° at 91° at the Cahuilla Ranger Station in SW CA.

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