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Winds are diminishing. Here’s a list of peak wind gusts. Waves were 7.5 feet at the mid-Lake Michigan buoy. Water temp. 43.7 at the buoy. Water temp. of Reeds Lake is 41. Looks partly to mostly sunny this Fri. PM…dry weekend and Monday, mainly rain next Tuesday with a chance of mixed snow north and northwest of G.R.. Trend to colder around Dec. 4. More on the news tonight. There is still a Small Craft Advisory in effect this Friday. Here’s G.R. radar:

Click for latest Base Reflectivity radar loop from the Grand Rapids/Muskegon, MI radar and current weather warnings

and regional radar:

Central Great Lakes sector loop

Go to: Most Recent Image Here’s current Michigan weather observations, a current Michigan weather map and the latest Gr. Rapids National Weather Service Forecast Discussion.

Winds will be only around 10 mph this Fri. PM.

Climate Update

We’ve only had one day with more than 50% sunshine in the last 4 weeks (that was last Saturday). In the last 24 days, we’ve had only two days that’s reached 50°.

High Temperatures Wednesday

Here’s Wednesday’s high temperatures. The warmest spots in the U.S. were Alice and Falfurrias TX with 88° and the coldest was 10° at Lava Mt., Bredette and Wild Horse Mountain, Montana. It was comfortably in the 70s from Florida across the Gulf Coast and warm in the Central U.S. Sedalia MO was one degree warmer than Phoenix Arizona.

Some Heavy Rainfall in the Desert SW

Here’s some 24-hour rainfall totals ending Wed. evening. Death Valley had only 0.04″, but I noticed they only had a 9° spread between their high and low temperatures. That’s unusual. The clouds, rain and high humidity kept the high to 68° and the low to 59° – cooler during the day and warmer at night.

Sunshine and shoreline ice at Alpena

Here’s a few pics. I grabbed Wed. – This is Alpena. The sun came – you can see the shoreline ice left from our cold start to November. The low-angle late afternoon sun made the trees on the left look reddish.

Late PM sun at South Haven

The sun came out for a brief time at S. Haven during the late afternoon. You can see one person on the north breakwater. With a light wind off the lake, the temperature was remarkably constant. From 7 pm on the 19th to 1 am on the 21st – 30 hours – the temperature only varied by 1.6°.

Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse Wed. PM

About the Meteor Shower – this from www.spaceweather.com: This is from www.spaceweather.com: “POSSIBLE OUTBURST OF ALPHA MONOCEROTID METEORS: Earth will pass by a stream of dusty debris from an unnamed comet. Forecasters believe the close encounter could cause an outburst of alpha Monocerotid meteors. The time to look is (11:50 p.m. EST on Nov. 21st). This timing favors observers in western Europe and eastern parts of Canada and the USA” Note it’s only “possible“. We’ll also be cloudy at least thru the early part of the night, so I’m not real optimistic at this point.

Tropical Storm Sebastien Path

. We have a tropical storm in the Atlantic Ocean. We’re down to the letter “s”. This is Sebastien – soon to become a minimal hurricane. It will move NE and pose no threat to land.

Also: Significant flooding in Slovania. Really cool pic. of the Aurora Borealis from Norway. A funnel cloud was reported near Coyote Springs, Nevada.

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