Partial Closure of the Mackinac Bridge

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There has been a partial closure of the Mackinac Bridge due to strong winds. Here’s some current pics. of the bridge.

Mackinac Bridge Tuesday PM 2 18 20

Skies are actually partly cloudy. The Straits area is mostly ice-covered and the snow that sits on the ice is lifted into the air by the strong winds, causing a “ground blizzard”. This is more common in the Northern Plains (North Dakota) in the winter.

Mackinac Bridge 2 18 20

This picture shows more cloud cover and it looks like ground fog (which would instantly mix out with 50 mph wind gusts).

Here’s a 4th view of the bridge. The Bridge Authority released this statement: ” “Currently we are experiencing winds of sufficient force in the Straits area to close the Mackinac Bridge to all vehicles except passenger cars, passenger vans, and empty pickup trucks. Winds are blowing across the bridge surface in excess of 50 miles per hour.”

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