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This was sunset at Grand Haven Monday evening – pic. from our Noto’s at the BilMar camera at the beach. It would have been fun sitting there in the restaurant watching the sun set over the lake. The days are shortening at a rapid clip now. Our latest sunset in late June is 9:26 pm. Today (Tue.) the sunset in G.R. is at 7:24 pm – so we’ve lost over 2 hours of daylight in the evening. Our earliest sunset in G.R. is 5:08 pm in the 2nd week of December.

High Temperatures Monday PM

Here’s high temperatures from Monday. The 84° in G.R. was just one degree shy of the record high for the date. We reached 85° on Sept. 30 in 1922 and 1971. The temperature at 4 pm on Monday (82°) was 26° warmer than it was at 4 pm on Sunday. Now that’s a warm front! We’ve only set two record temperatures in 2019…those were back-to-back record lowest maximum temps. on Jan 29 and 30 when the polar vortex came to call. Sturgis made 88°. Note that the mid-Lake Michigan buoy didn’t get warmer than 70°. Buoy temperatures range from 65° to 67°. The Chicago water intake 2 3/4 miles from shore reached 85.6°. At the time that happened, the wind was SW at 27 mph – fast enough that the air didn’t have much time to cool off crossing the water.

High Temperatures in the U.S. on Monday

Here’s high temperatures on Monday in the U.S. First, look at the cold in W. Montana where there was snow on the ground. Cut Bank had a high of 30°. They had 18″ of snow on the ground Monday evening. Choteau had 20″ on the ground and spent most of the day in the 20s. The coldest spot was Utica with a low of 8° (outrageously cold for the last day of September). Augusta had a high of 26° and a low of 11°. Both Great Falls and Lewistown had 6″ of snow on the ground. Spokane had a high of just 45° – average high is 67°.

On the warm side of things, the thermometer reached a record 89° in Fort Wayne IN. Dayton climbed to 94° and Louisville’s 98° was 19° warmer than Las Vegas and 8° warmer than Phoenix AZ. Augusta reached 101° and they were bakin’ in Macon with a high of 100°.

South Haven Channel 9 30/19

This was the S. Haven Channel – 4:33 pm Monday – four boats in channel and a fair number of people on the beach. The high temp. at the S. Haven lighthouse was 80.6 – a warm day, especially for late Sept. At the time, the wind was 170° or slightly east of due south…so the air wasn’t traveling over much water. The S. Haven Airport had a high of 86°. The Muskegon beach reached 73.6° – while the Muskegon Airport had a high of 82°

Today (Tue.) will be the last warm day…highs today will reach the mid 80s along and south of I-94…low 80s as far up as G.R. and 70s north of Kent Co. and near Lake Michigan.

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