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The National Weather Service Winter Outlook has been issued. For West Michigan, near average temperatures are expected by the NWS for the period from Dec. 1 – Feb. 28.

Winter Outlook from the National Weather Service

Warmer than average temperatures are expected in the southern U.S. and the East. Cooler than average weather is forecast from the Pacific Northwest east into the Northern Plains. This pattern would mean a greater than average temperature contrast across the U.S. and could lead to a stormy patter in the Great Lakes.

The NWS precipitation forecast shows below average precipitation in he southern U.S. and above average precipitation from the Pacific Northwest to the Great Lakes.

Northern Hemisphere Snow and Ice Cover

The map above is Northern Hemisphere snow and ice cover. Note that there is already a large part of N. Canada and Siberia. Air that moves south off that snow cover is going to be cool.

Sea Surface Water Temperatures – Difference from Average

Here’s a look at global sea-surface water temperatures – difference from average. You can see the La Nina,-the cooler than average water along the equator in the Equator in the Pacific Ocean.

This is a typical winter pattern during a moderate La Nina. Note that the NWS winter forecast largely follows the common La Nina pattern.

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