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The above map is precipitation for the first 12 1/2 days of February. There has been a lot of rain across the South and Ohio River basins…some places over 7 inches.

Soil Moisture

Soils are saturated from E. Montana to the Great Lakes and throughout much of the South. Soils are moist over the entire Corn Belt.

Season Snowfall as early AM 2 14 20

Here’s season snowfall totals as of early morning Fri. 2/14. Lansing is 0.7″ above their season average snowfall-to-date.

East Grand Rapids webcam Thursday evening

Here’s East Grand Rapids Thursday evening. East G.R. has 4″ of snow on the ground. There have been people ice fishing on the lake. The cold air should firm up the ice a bit on many of the area lakes. We’re also watching for ice jams on area rivers in areas like the Muskegon River near Rogers Heights and the Grand River at Robinson Township.

Extremely cold temperatures in Alaska

Alaska continues to have extremely cold temperatures. Both Bettles and Nuiqsut reached 52 below zero Thu. AM – wind chills were -69 in Nuiqsut and -68 at Deadhorse.

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