Meteor “Outburst”

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Will there be a meteor “outburst” tonight? Researchers have predicted that tonight (Nov. 21), an ultrabright meteor outburst just might occur. However, don’t hold your breath.

From NASA “Researchers Peter Jenniskens and Esko Lyytinen have predicted that, beginning at around 11:50 pm EST (0350 GMT) tonight, the rate of meteors falling per hour in the night sky could be as high as 400 to 1,000. But, while people are getting excited about the prediction, Bill Cooke, who leads NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office, said in a recent blog post,  “I now think there is a pretty good chance there may be no outburst at all. And even if there is, it won’t be as impressive as many think.”

On top of that, we’ll have cloudy skies for much of the night here in West Michigan. So, most of us will have to wait to see the next “shooting star”. You can read more at Also: How meteor showers work. The Great Leonid Meteor Storm of 1966.

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