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The top map snows power outages early Wednesday morning. Statewide they were over 20,000 customers that lost power, with Oceana County the hardest hit. At one point 39% of the county was without power.

Storm reports from June 2 PM thru 7 am June 3

Here’s a map showing storm reports from Tuesday night. The blue dots indicate reports of wind damage, most of them stretching from S. Minnesota across Wisconsin and Michigan.

Peak gusts: 63 mph near Ludington, 56 mph Grand Rapids Ford Airport, 54 mph near Hart, 53 mph North Shores and in Ionia, 50 mph Grand Haven, 49 mph Muskegon Airport, 48 mph Muskegon Beach. Here’s a list of peak wind gusts in the area. Trees and wires down in many areas…Oceana County had 39% of the county without power at one point. There was a tree across Sternberg Road and Brooks near Fruitport. Look at the satellite loop of the storms “blowing up” over Wisconsin this PM.

Leading edge of the thunderstorm anvil looking west around 9 pm, about 4 hours before the storm arrived.

I took the picture above. It’s the leading edge of the thunderstorm anvil approaching from the west-northwest. This is about 4 hours prior to the rain and wind.

There was also the threat of a seiche…with the storm pushing strong west winds that were pushing the surface water of Lake Michigan toward the Michigan coast. The water level of Lake Michigan is quite high right now and any rise due to piling of water along the shore could cause flooding. That would include the lakes and rivers that connect to Lake Michigan (Muskegon Lake, Mona Lake, Lake Macatawa, the Grand River, etc. We’re hoping the water level goes down a bit before we get a “Gales of November” fall storm. Here’s Milwaukee radar:

Click for latest Composite Reflectivity radar image from the Milwaukee, WI radar and current weather warnings
Milwaukee Radar

There were numerous wind gusts of 60-70 mph as the storms moved through Wisconsin. Trees and wires are down and we’ve had isolated reports of shingles being blown off houses and windows blowing in. There were at one point around 45,000 customers without power in Wisconsin.

Click for latest Composite Reflectivity radar image from the Grand Rapids/Muskegon, MI radar and current weather warnings
Grand Rapids radar

Central Great Lakes sector loop
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Here’s regional radar (above).

There’s just a slight chance of a shower Friday. The weekend looks mostly sunny and pleasant (like last weekend).

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