Looks Like a Tornado over Holland/Zeeland

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My mistake – I think this top pic. is from Holland looking ENE past the Freedom Village Retirement Community toward Zeeland. It looks like a tornado, but it’s not. It’s steam rising on a damp night with a calm wind. The steam expands a bit as it rises, creating the funnel shape, then blends into the low cloud layer.

If you see something like this look to see if the cloud is rotating. This steam cloud is not rotating, so it’s not dangerous.

Tornado look-alike – S. side of G.R.

It’s fun to look at the pics. at the “Scary Looking Cloud Club” website. There are dozens of clouds that look scary, some really scary. Many of them are not dangerous. I submitted this pic. to the SLCC from Derek DeLange of Rockford and I think it’s still my fav. It look like a giant tornado. If I remember right, Derek was near 28th St. in G.R., perhaps looking north (but don’t quote me). This appears to be a shelf cloud associated with a thunderstorm and not a tornado. I’m hoping Derek’s picture will live on forever at the SLCC website…always fun to see.

Earlier pic. of the “steam tornado” in Kalamazoo on 10 28 19

This pic. of the “steam tornado” was taken a couple hours before the top pic. The “tornado” is skinnier here. The dates are correct…this pic. was taken before midnight.

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