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This is the 8-14 day temperature outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for Jan. 24-30. Look at all the blue…that means a good chance of cooler than average temperatures. A good portion of Michigan is “near normal” due to some added “heat” from the Great Lakes. Note that you don’t see super-dark blue, but a large portion of the country is expecting a cool week.

This is the 8-14 day precipitation forecast for the same period, Jan. 24-30. Lots of green – showing areas that have a good chance of above average precipitation. Cool plus precipitation in Michigan means a snowier pattern.

Friday – Saturday snow

This is area in darker blue above saw 2-4″ of snow and this is the most likely area to have slippery spots this Sunday – best chance of that on lesser traveled roads, driveways and parking lots.

Season snowfall: Grand Rapids 7.5″, New York City 10.5″, Amarillo TX 15.3″, Madrid Spain 20.0” and Pittsburgh PA 31.7″.

Also: At midnight, the temperature is 34 in Grand Rapids and 32 in Tallahassee, Florida. 4.2 magnitude earthquake in California. Pretty sunset pic. from Colorado ski country. Volcano. More on the volcano. Biggest snowfall in Lyon, France in over 10 years. Pretty frost on a Ford. Strong winds in CA. Snow in Paris.

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